General things you should know about TB-500

TB 500 stands for themosis beta 500 which is a fraction of themosis Beta 4 protein that is present in every human being and animal.  Samosas beta 500 is well known for its healing factor.  According to the studies conducted at various Labs it has been proven effective in healing ligaments tendon skin muscles heart and Eyes.  There are such facts that is more to know about TB 500 which has been listed down below giving you a detailed information (see: https://gopeps.com/items/pt-141/) about this drug.

Detailed information regarding TB 500


Healing agent –   the drug is used by various gym trainers and bodybuilders as this works as a great healing factor to various internal damage occurred after workout and exercises.  The healing process is known to work buy repairing the muscle tissue damage caused by workout and exercises.  The process of repairing muscles leads to more grown muscles in place of the previously damaged ones.


Cell generation protein – A protein among the number of proteins present in our body which is termed as actin is responsible for cell generation. TB 500 triggers actin despite of the fact that the amount of this protein present in our body is hardly 10% .Its significance is much more in cell-building and their movement.


Rich in amino acids – This drug contains about 43 amino acid which are essential for our body growth and muscle building. It is encoded by the gene TMSB4X.  According to the studies and researches made, that drug has potential to reactivate cardiac progenitor cell that helps in repairing of damaged heart tissue after heart attack.


Methods of intake of the dose. TB 500 intake can be done as dilution with sterling saline (0.9 % of NaCl) and sterling bacteriostatic water (being 0.9% of sodium chloride). But the most common way of taking the drug is with sterling water and it is also known to be the most appropriate way of doing that.

Syringe to be used – The syringe that is to be used should be of 100 marking that are available on all pharmacy stores.


Injection spot – TB 500 is prescribed to be injected in stomach fat. Some suggest that it should be injected near the damage or injury. Injecting should be done on different spots like on shoulder, thighs and buttocks.

Our advice to the people out there looking for a drug or healer for the damaged muscle that, the drug must be consumed with an experts prescription  otherwise you  must read out all the steps required  for the drug to be consumed.